The Kinesiology principle proclaims…that the muscles of the body not only stabilize and move the joints of the body, but each muscle has a specific biological interaction through the nervous, circulatory, and meridian systems with the body organs, both in health and in disease. Using specialized sensory stimulation and motor response testing, doctors trained to perform and observe muscle response tests acquire diagnostic information for “personalized” treatment protocols correcting the patient’s impairment factors.

Kinesiology literally means to study movement. Muscles provide movement for the body, with as many as thirty-five factors to control the coordinated contraction and relaxation for each of the 635 muscles. Attaining integrity of the musculo-skeletal system is complicated, requiring the skills of a professional dedicated to the study of all systems of the body, and CPK helps make this job easier.

CPK is “eclectic” Kinesiology…integrating the most reliable and effective procedures from several forms of kinesiology for assessments and treatment for clinically prescribed kinesiology.

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